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  My mother is a village woman.She had very little school education,but she knows that knowledge is of great importance to young people. She often asks me how I get along with my studies and encourages me to study hard.

  My mother takes good care of me and does everything she can for me,so that I can spend more time on my study.

  Once she was badly ill and had stayed in bed for several days. When I got home to see her at night,I found the light was still on and mother was sitting in bed,making new clothes for me ! I was so deeply moved that tears came to my eyes.

  Such is my mother,a kind and hard-working woman. I'll tell her on mother's day this day, and I'll respect and love her forever.




  Mother’s Day is coming, and I even want to say, “My mum is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

  I still remember the day I bought a bunch of carnation for my mum. I will never f治疗癫痫的专业医院orget the smile when she accepted the flowers. That Mother’s Day was wonderful. We had a small cake, a warm talk.

  I consider mum as the most important person in a family. My mum is a great, great mum. I love her. I wish her happy not only on the Mother’s Day. More importantly, I wish her always happy and healthy.

  Mother’s Day is coming. I decide to do something special for my mum. Thanks all mothers in the world. Happy Mother’s Day.






  Mother’s Day is coming。I want to give my mother a surprise。I’ll buy a special gift for her。 I know,she likes computers and she also likes taking photos。 So,I want to buy a new one。Because our computer is too old to use。But I don’t have enough money。So, I must buy another one。I’ll go to the shop to buy a new album and write my favorite words on it。Tomorrow I will give it to my mom。I think it’s the best gift for her。Becausethis falls my love。


  And if I study hard enough,in the future I will make much money。Then I will buy anything my mother love。Although they are very expensive。Now, it’s important to study hard and make progress。Probably I can have a good job and take good care of me are the best gift she wants to get。Mom ,let me tell you”I think you are the best mom in the word and in my heart。”



  Mother’s Day is an important festival in America and Europe. It has already spread to China. And it is on the second Sunday in May. Children of all ages give their mothers cards, flowers and presents on that day to show they love their mothers. In the morning, they let them have a good rest, that is to say, they let their mothers sleep later. And they do all the housework. They cook breakfast for the mum, when the meal is ready, they carry it to the mum's bedroom. So mum can have breakfast in bed.


  Mothers should have a good rest on Mothers' Day.


  Today is mother's day, I think we should do something for my mother, thinking for a while, I decided to help my mother do some housework can I do.So on my way home from school, I will go to the supermarket to buy some food.After I get home, I began to try my best to do something delicious, although I am not good at cooking.After dinner, I cleaned the room again, I feel some tired, but still very happy.

  When my mother came back to work, saw the clean rooms and not too delicious dishes, mom is still very happy, dad also kua I, our family ate dinner together a happy heart.Mother said: "thank you, child."Today is mother's day.I thank my mother know that many people have their own way, I just tell mom, I love you.". But that express my feelings a bit difficult for me, because I'm a shy boy, so I came up with a good idea, I pen on a piece of paper to write down I want to say, and then quietly on the note, mother love book at ordinary times, so, she opened a book to see in my mind.

  Mother's day this d乌鲁木齐哪治癫痫病最好ay, each have a filial child, should tell your mother, I love you, mother, all mothers are great.

  翻译:今天是母亲节,我觉得应该为妈妈做点事,思索了好一会,我帮妈妈做一些我能做的家务。于是在放学 回家的路上,我就去超市买了一些菜。到家后,我就开始尽全力做些好吃的,尽管我并不擅长。做完饭,我又打扫了房间,我感觉有些累,但仍然很高兴。